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Puch Nostalgic

This is Nate's (@mopedsrdumb) 1976 Puch Maxi Nostalgic built with the help of Break The Cycle Moto works.

It was originally a single horse-powered Puch E50, they have now upgraded the performance. See below about all the performance parts used.

The Nostalgic was only available in 1976. It is a single-speed Maxi with full suspension. It has black paint with gold pin-striping and different tank decals than other maxi models. Nate has kept the Nostalgic paint in good shape for its age.

In 1977 the Nostalgic was changed to the Newport.

Puch Maxi mopeds are popular for ease of use and maintenance. If you ever have to pedal it as a bicycle I have to admit, it is one of the easier mopeds to use in bike mode than others. It's light and the pedal arms are usually longer than most.


Grimeca snowflake wheels | EBR forks with finder brace | Chopped front fender | OEM levers and controls | OEM paint and decals | Solo seat swapped for long seat | Covers and center trim removed | Shocks upgraded to Black & Gold Air Shocks | Pedals swapped for pegs |


Puch E50 | Stuffed Crank | Treat's 70cc cyclinder | Mikuni VM18 carburetor | Proma Circuit exhaust | MLM intake | Pull start conversion |


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