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Revel Moped rentals: City street staple? Or a just another categorized scooter?

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

I'm sure you're no stranger to the electric scooter shares all over the news. Scooters coupled with viral misuse and city officials straight up saying "no" to the new platform for personal transportation. Not to mention these little scooters are stealing the "Lime"light from the new startup "Revel" from properly labeling their units as "scooters", but more incorrectly as "mopeds". Per Webster's Dictionary a "moped"is as follows: mo•ped (ˈmoʊˌpɛd) n. a motorized bicycle with pedals that is designed for low-speed operation. This is madness! The public already has a difficult time with telling the difference between a moped and a scooter! This is only going to exacerbate the already growing problem!

Revel electric scooters recently launched in NYC, Austin Texas, and Washington D.C. Providing residents with an electric ride share that has a little more substance than a Lime or Bird Scooter. Charging $19 for a license back ground check and a $1 flat rate per person (yes that means $2 for 2 people), that's enough to get you rolling, with 25 cents every minute once it's moving, and 10 cents for every minute that the scooter is parked and "paused"(for grocery store trip or other errands). Scooters come equipped with two helmets under the seat for use during operation. Rentals are slightly cheaper than hailing an Uber, but yet a bit more expensive than taking the subway. Revel's main fleet vehicle is based upon the Chinese brand scooter "NIU". After personally driving one of these scooters during their debut in China, I can confirm the quality surpasses all Chinese construction I have experienced here in the United States. Plush grips and tight smooth feeling brake levers and actuation, a real attention to detail. Using BOSCH technology for the hub motor and Panasonic Li-Po batteries, Revel certainly picked well for their flagship scooter. Check out the specs below~!

With several different models offered, there is only one dealer in North America. That dealership is located in Montreal (https://dyadcycles.com/) if you're interested, you certainly won't see any of these privately owned in the states any time soon, maybe we can come up to test the newest models. *hint hint*

Regardless of how much these quality these little SCOOTERS pack, where does Revel get off thinking they can label these scooters as MOPEDS? I know here at BTC we have a difficult time assisting customers who don't know if they own a scooter or a moped. Seems like it is basic knowledge for those of us in the know, but we're in changing times! We need to stand up for the moped name and description! #Scootersarenotmopeds , Mopeds have been around well before the scooter even thought about showing face! Respect the elders!

Revel is already making headlines with severe scooter accidents, how long will this new ride share last? Will @Birdgraveyard on Instagram have endless fresh footage of high end rental scooters getting thrashed? Or is this the tipping point for ride sharing in the modern world, where scooters are taken seriously and respected? If you ask us they are starting out on the wrong wheel....Maybe Moped Monday can weigh in on this catastrophe in the making? Share your input below, and join BTCmoto in standing up and telling Revel their scooters are not mopeds. #ScootersarenotMopeds (This is not a paid advertisement.)

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