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No-ped - The subtle art of getting the moped community to accept a scooter - ft. Honda Urban Express

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Post about your Taotao scooter in any moped community you’re sure to take a one way train straight into embarrassment town. You’ll be ridiculed for owning such a piece of equipment, let alone the act of riding it.

Make a post about your Vespa the moped community starts to split ways, some questioning their love for moped, but also in disbelief something could look so sleek, yet so retro at the same time. On the contrary, the other half berating the OP (Original poster) for even showing face in the moped community with a 2 stroke step through frame.

Share a video of you riding your Honda Urban Express and the whole moped community is walking in circles with their arms in the air making odd noises with their lips. Step through frame, comfy seat, CVT transmission, small wheels, oil injected, AND ELECTRIC START?! You can sense visible panic among those who spend most of their time gate-keeping for the moped community, “Well we should probably make a complete other sister forum for no-peds, or at least a complete other category.” As if this style of moped somehow has a rare form of SARS, and simply just can’t mingle with REGULAR Mopeds. The definition of noped per the rest of the modern world is as follows: noped. Verb. simple past tense and past participle of nope. The definition of “noped” per the moped community is: A moped without pedals, sometimes used to describe that the moped no longer runs.

Enter, The Honda Urban Express, easily checking many boxes in both categories. The bike is rejected by the scooter community, for lack of practicality and newer styling . However, the moped community possessing respect for odd aesthetics and small motor driven bikes, they are quick to take the Urban Express in.

The Express inhabiting the character of a frigid chihuahua that never seems to be warm.

The moped community for a split moment drops their wrenches, proclaiming “We can let it in, but it stays off the furniture and in the closet! Most of all, the neighbors mustn't hear of this!” As their Puchs are clawing up the couch with their leaky carbs and 2 pad clutch system still hanging on by a thread from 1977. "oooook!" The Honda Express first reared its fugly face in 1982 when it replaced the Express II. However production ceased in 1983. For even Honda couldn't handle the monstrosity they created. The Urban express was outfitted with a similar CVT engine as that of the NX50. The belt side case/swing-arm was slightly longer and had a break neck top speed of 30 mph.

This Cadillac of a scooter err I mean moped came decked to the brim with the following features! Electric start, oil injection, blinkers, 12v Battery, cdi ignition,*takes deep breath* alternator, oil tank indicator, beefier shocks and larger wheels. If you thought only one year production would make this moped hard to come by...you’re right! How ever the the super exciting officials over in Iowa have created a regulation to be sure mopeds are to go no faster than 25 mph. So there does exist an even rarer Urban express. ( Not that you’d want a slow version any way) Honda Urban Express - Allowing moped riders to enjoy the features and comfort of riding a scooter without the need to come out of the closet and declare they do indeed enjoy the ease of “get on and ride” engineering and push button starts, that most scooters possess.

Tuff muff to be such a weird scooter/moped hybrid,eh? Will you be an owner of a Honda Urban Express any time soon? Or maybe you’re already comfortable with just having fun on two wheeled vehicles, and refuse to let what you ride define who you are to the moto world? :-)

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