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Moped Rally 2020 / Moped Rallies 2020

Who's ready for 2020?! Below is a partial list of moped rallies for the 2020. This is by no means the final draft. This article will continue to be updated as information for these rallies is posted. If anything in this listing is incorrect or in accurate, please let me know! If you want your information posted quicker please e-mail at [email protected]

ZFYB: Swap at the SHAp Toledo, OH Jan 31–Feb 2, 2020 With a Facebook page located here. Swap at the SHAp has a bunch of things ready to pop off this January 2020 .

Being the same weekend as super bowl what a way to either get away from the sportsing than with mopeds! Or maybe you like to dig on that football and mopeds! Then where can you go wrong!! Football! Tacos! Parts swap! With Detroit mopeds making the trip you’re sure to have some new farkles options for your bike! This next part is where I’m sold… They are having a MOPED TACO SHOWDOWN!! What?! Quoted from the Facebook event page: “Well we're stepping it up a notch, each gang chooses their two hungriest members who then go head to head in a taco eating showdown, for pride and possibly first shot at the bathroom post match! Does your crew have what it takes to eat the most tacos during the Super Bowl half time show!? This is where you prove it!” There is also a moped up for raffle, It does not say if you need to be present to win or not, or if they allow remote ticket purchases, but their description of the bike is as follows :1970's something Morini M01 Italivelo, with a 60cc kit, 15 SHA, CDI, and MK3 pipe! Pictures and registration will follow. What’s more guts and glory than this?! Sounds like a Tom Berenger in my book. One shot , One kill. Important tid bits - 20$ at the door gets you in for the weekend, the 20$ covers, tacos, a shirt, 1 raffle ticket, and booze for the weekend! Oh yeah, it’s in ohio, so dress warm! 1970's something Morini M01 Italivelo, with a 60cc kit, 15 SHA, CDI, and MK3 pipe! Pictures and registration to come.

Tampa Moped Rally - Two-Stroke Tangle Tampa, FL Feb 7–Feb 9, 2020

Private HQ for 100+ bikes


- Night rally over Gandy Bridge (6 miles long) ride


- Reserved pavilion at Picnic Island Park (remote location). Races and more!

- Day rally. Bayshore Blvd, Davis Islands, Downtown Tampa, Ybor City, SoHo.

- Raffle party. Pizza and beer at restaurant beer garden. There will be available vehicle camping at the Brewery on Saturday Night.

Sunday: Morning at HQ. Optional ride. Go home happy. With a rumored remote location, street outlaw's style drag racing and also a street course style this event sounds like it’s a sure to be off the hook event!

Swoops Moped Rally Atlanta, GA May 1–May 3, 2020 Not many details are out yet about this rally. However a media rich website can be found here . With a youtube video featuring a past rally, and an itinerary of their past event, including some really great photos. Certainly worth a visit!

Acadia Moped Rally Bar Harbor, ME May 14–May 17, 2020 LSLB and Moped Barn PRESENTS: Acadia Moped Weekend Mt Desert Narrows Camping Resort (1219 State Hwy 3, Bar Harbor, ME) The most readily available announcement of this event can be found on Facebook at this link here. With a giant shrimp as their banner photo I’m already kinda sold! Other than that there are a couple photos of past events and other moped shenanigans. If you have further details on this rally PLEASE send a e-mail [email protected] so I can update the masses.

Cream City Cranks present: Back to Brown Town Milwaukee, WI May 29–May 31, 2020 No further info can be found for this event. Their event Facebook page can be found here.

LSLB Rally

Boston, MA Jun 4–Jun 7, 2020 No info for this event has been listed as of 12-24-19. Facebook event page can be found here.

CryptKeepers Rally Goshen, IN Jul 3–Jul 5, 2020 No info for this event has been listed as of 12-24-19. Facebook event page can be found here.

The Club Formally Known As Blk Blk Present: Wet Wet Richmond, VA Jul 3–Jul 5, 2020 Extensive digging I was unable to come up with a facebook page or website regarding this moped event. If you have further details please contact Steen @ [email protected]

Baker's Dozen Moped Race Richmond, VA Jul 4–Jul 11, 2020 The bakers dozen moped run sounds like the Cannon ball run but….slower. With contestants fiercely devoted to completing this event in the fastest means possible, this is by far the most competitive moped event I have come across yet. An endurance race for mopeds. Get to the finish line in the shortest amount of time, and you win! How it works:

Up to 13 teams (of 5 or less members) and up to 13 Solo Riders will be permitted to participate

There will be a rider meeting each morning around 9:30 to announce specific finish line location, and anything unique for that day.

9-9:45 am: Teams need to announce their Starting Rider(s) for the day, as well as Chase Driver for that team. Post the names to the BDR GroupMe, and only those folks should activate their Glympse Tracker.

10 am: Official Starting Line. The 24 hour countdown clock to DNF begins now, if your bike isn’t running. All Riders + Chase must have Glympse active.

The Moped has 24 hours to cross the Finish line at the next checkpoint. If it has not, then you or your team DNF “Did Not Finish.

A Team may swap out riders as you see fit throughout the day. Solo riders, suck it up.


Hot 'N' Readyz (National Moped Rally) Chicago, IL Aug 28–Aug 30, 2020 No info for 2020 just yet. The last post on their website here, was from 2018 in April. Stating that rally details are on their way.

DCONS Present: Run of the Mill 3 Kalamazoo, MI Sep 4–Sep 6, 2020 This event is yet to be hosted on the Decepticons Facebook here. Will update when details are provided

MOPITT Rally Pittsburgh, PA Sep 11–Sep 13, 2020 The MOPITT Facebook page can be found here. The 2020 MOPITT Rally has not been posted yet.

COTL TIME San Francisco, CA Sep 25–Sep 27, 2020 Unable to find literally anything on this rally or who may host it. Please if you have any information e-mail Steen @ [email protected] If you have any updates, media or corrections please e-mail Steen at [email protected] This webpage will continually updated throughout the year to include more information and other Moped Rallies that may not be listed.


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