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How to register a motorcycle with no title, all the answers and more within!

WAIT WAIT WAIT! Before you hit that back button at least read this first paragraph. Does your motorcycle,scooter, moped or HELL, even your car not have a title? Have you lost it through the years of dust and parts during the extensive rebuild? Did your wife take it during the divorce? It doesn't matter how you lost it, you CAN get yourself a title or transferable registration mailed to your door. (As long as your bike isn't stolen) . What's the catch? There is no catch read on.

Everyone loses their shit about titles. As you probably know, the value of a vehicle without a title is severely decreased, along with the inability to register your favorite little ripper in your home state. It's bizarre especially when I live in a state that hands them out painlessly, every single day.

Is your motorcycle under 300cc? and Or is it older that 15 years? Well this is going to work for you! THE STATE OF VERMONT DOES NOT REQUIRE A TITLE FOR REGISTRATION if it is ONE older than 15 years OR is under 300cc. Yes that means you can finally make your crf450r super-moto road legal! How exciting right? Below are the links of what you will need to properly register your moto in Vermont. You can request a title but it's easier to just receive the registration. (Which is transferable to all 50 states) You do not need to be a resident of Vermont for this to work. 1. - You will need to take three photos of your bike.

1. A clear photo of the VIN plate 2. A photo of that VIN plate with the bike in the photo 3. And lastly a photo of the whole bike.

2. - Fill out the VD-119 form, located here [2]

Fill out VD-119 as explained below, its quick and easy:

Top Section:

Circle "Owned"Owner/Lessee: this is you (not the seller), Use your home address for the required address. VT License: Put "SSN: ###-##-###" if you live out of Vermont state

Middle Section:

Name of person or company vehicle acquired from: seller/friend, who you bought or 'bought' this moped from. Address of person or company vehicle acquired from: seller/friend's address Signature of person or company vehicle acquired from: seller/friend signature Circle "New Registration"Registration/Plate Type: in the write-in section, write "Motor driven cycle" for mopeds or "Motorcycle" for motorcycles in the left-hand space,

Make, Model, Year, Color, Mileage: all your bike's actual info

Body Type: MDC Serial Number: VIN of the bike Cylinders: 1 Circle "Used" Circle "Gas"Cycle/ATV: write "2" in # of wheels, and "49" in CCs

Bottom Section:

Purchase price: write $500 Net taxable: write $500 Registration, on the right: write $30 Tax: write $30 Sign it!

3. - Fill our a VERMONT Bill of Sale located here [3] Make sure you use the same info for the Bill of Sale as what is written in 5B on your VD-119 BE AWARE THE PRICE TO REGISTER MOPEDS AND MOTORCYCLES IS DIFFERENT. If you are in doubt, please just call the Vermont DMV they really are pleasant people!

4. - Make a check out to "Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles" for $60 (As mentioned in 6A from step 2 the minimum taxable amount is $500…. $30 for registration of mopeds and $44 for motorcycles and $30 tax on $500, totaling $60 for mopeds and $74 plus tax for motorcycles)

LAST - Put your 3 photos, VD-119, Vermont Bill of Sale, and check in an envelope and mail it to:

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

120 State Street

Montpelier, Vermont 05603

If everything goes smoothly you should have your registration in ~2 weeks, and your plate in ~4 weeks.

Here are links if you have trouble with the above numbered ones. https://dmv.vermont.gov/sites/dmv/files/documents/VT-005-Bill_Of_Sale_Odometer_Cert.pdf Registration Application - Form VD-119 Vermont Registration Tax and Title Application (pdf) Bill of Sale - Form VT-005 Bill of Sale/Odometer Disclosure Statement (pdf)

This below will help you figure out how much to write your check for. If my info is way off please let me know!

Required Fees

Please select the link below to determine what fees will be due for this transaction: https://dmv.vermont.gov/registrations/fees as all taxes and fees are subject to change.

Registration/Clean Air

Tax (6% of purchase price or NADA value - whichever is greater) The lowest value the state of Vermont will allow is $500 even if you pulled your bike from a junk pile in it's original state. That's it! I have registered countless race bikes, ancient mopeds, etc. and easily sold them out of state. It really is that easy! No sense of paying a 3rd party to do it for you, or worse filing books worth of paperwork to get a new one in your home state... Just register it in Vermont!

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