How to make two cycle gas? - A guide to making pre-mix gas.

Updated: Jan 11

Most of us have grown up knowing that car engines need oil and that oil needs to be changed to prevent wear. What if I told you two stroke engines like mopeds, do not have oil! Instead they lubricate through a method of mixing gas with two stroke oil.

That’s right! The oil that gets mixed into the gas is how the engine lubricates itself! When the fuel/oil mixture is brought into the engine, it makes its way to the bottom end to lubricate the crank before then heading to the combustion chamber to be ignited and burned. Why is mixing the right amount of two stroke oil into gas so important? If you add too much oil, you have a very high chance of ruining your spark plug by “fouling”. Your exhaust will dribble un-burnt oil along with making plooms of blue smoke, as it burns off the excess amount of oil. Since the oil takes places of some gas, the oil can actually displace the gasoline having a severe effect on the performance of your motor!

If you add too little oil, you have a very high chance of seizing your engine!! The oil suspended within the gas provides a small barrier to keep metal from touching metal. If that barrier isn’t there, metal begins to rub on metal and will create extreme heat. Often, if not always fusing the parts together, causing the motor to seize!

Consider your motor toast if this happens.

So to prevent incorrect mixtures we go by what we call "ratios". What does 50:1 ratio mixture mean? For example 50:1, is what we use for mopeds. 50:1 translates into fifty gallons of gas for one gallon of oil. 50 gallons of gas is a lot of gas to have, so we take the ratio and make it work for say 1 gallon or 5 gallons, with math. Before I get to the *yawn* boring math , I’m going to give you the cheat item. It’s a ratio-rite

cup! It’s my go to measurement device to nail my pre-mix gas every time. Even if you know the math, this cup takes all the brain work out of it! It includes several different ratios on the side of the cup, saving you from that dreaded pad and paper. You can find it HERE.

If you chose not to take the easy route, buckle up!

Haha, just kidding. Here’s a website that does the math for you. You can find it here! By using this website you can plug any ratio you need along with the amount of gas you have, it will then spit out the amount of oil you need to create the perfect ratio. Just in case you're looking for a wonderful 2 stroke oil to use, I swear by Maxima products and their two stroke oil is no different. You can find it here, Maxima (20964)Super M

So now to the easy part! Pour your precise amount of oil into your gas jug and mix it up! Then you're ready to go. Just be sure to shake the jug prior to every use to unsure the mixture is correctly mixed. You'll want to avoid pouring the oil directly into the gas tank. This is to prevent a large glob of oil making it through the petcock and raising hell with your engine. This method can be used in a pinch, but is not recommended.

If mixing gas with oil is completely out of your wheelhouse, I recommend this pre-mixed fuel that is already mixed and ready to roll, right out of the container. My choice for pre-mix fuel is Tru-fuel. It’s made for lawn equipment and is the best thing

since sliced bread! Best yet it’s 50:1, which will work for your moped!! I’ve used it and like to keep it around in case I need it in a pinch. Well worth the money! Making pre-mix can be a daunting task for someone new. If you still would like additional guidance, check out our forum! We're very inclusive, with the idea that there is no such thing as a dumb question. Come hang out and do some learning in the meantime!

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