Fastest stock moped - A truth lost to our past.

Updated: Jan 22

This article is in regard to mopeds that were available in the USA. TL;DR @ Bottom We all want our mopeds to go faster, right?.. Isn’t that the fun of mopeds, and the reason we have sites like You scratch that moped speed itch with. What if you had the ability to start with a faster moped BEFORE modifying it?

I’m sure most of you came here looking for an answer like “42”. But truth be told with the last moped company (TOMOS) filing for bankruptcy in January of 2019, we’re perpetually moving further and further away from the true answer of the “fastest moped”. If you’re reading this you probably know how much things have changed from the 70s. To list off a few, addition of ethanol to gas, the removal of lead from gas, and tires…Bold letters can be found on most mopeds from the 70s “DO NOT USE UNLEADED GASOLINE”


Not to mention how many “golden screwdrivers” have been involved in bringing these little bikes back to life over and over throughout the years. All of these differences create variables. Variables that affect top speed. What was true then may no longer be true. Due to the lack of information regarding top speed during the time of production, all of us are left in the dark yearning for the answer. Speculating on forums as to who’s moped is fastest, when really moped speed is just as relative as time. There is simply no feasible test that would allow mopeds a level playing field, besides going back and testing them off the showroom floor per manufacturer's specification and documenting every result. Skimming the forums for answers, many spoke up about mopeds made prior to 196X. As

Davud Zackus' Allstate Mo-ped

these mopeds were not subjected to the state and federal regulations. With some users showing beautiful 50cc relics of our past capable of >40mph from the factory!! These bikes are increasingly difficult to find, compared to our trusty slow Puchs.

Steven Nadeau's 1963 Motobecane D50R

During the 60’s the neutering of mopeds and small displacement bikes began. In November of 1963, France declared that the top speed for the 'moped' class was to be limited at the speed of 30mph. Italy had similar regulations set in around the same time, with several other European countries soon following suit. Thus the commencement of the “neutering of mopeds” ! All mopeds soon were exiting the factory doors meeting these new slower regulations. HOWEVER, to remain competitive, manufactures would often tweak the “restrictions” to squeeze a little more speed out, making their bike faster than the regulated speed to one up their competition. (Isn’t that why we are here?) This behavior continued until they were caught by the authorities and they then would then scale back down to the regulated speed. Gosh darn madmen!! (Thank you RebelMoby) With this knowledge, it’s damn near impossible to factually say that one specific brand of moped is the fastest!

You can still find these laws intact today. This doesn’t mean that all bikes that were built under these regulations still follow those guidelines…. ;-) What is the fastest stock moped?

You will be pleasantly surprised at the speed of most Tomos mopeds. With models possessing a two speed transmission they are quick off the line with a quick drop in RPM the second gear is quick to kick in, keeping the engine buried in the “meat” of the RPMs. This propels the Tomos bike to a higher top speed than what is normally experienced with a stock single speed Puch. Also one of the most modern mopeds available!

2018 Tomos sprint

Making the list as fast bikes worth mentioning are most French and Italian bikes with a belt driven transmission. (when they’re running.) I.e. Vespa, Motobecane, and Peugeot. Their partially variated belt drive system, is the culprit as to why these bikes remain high ranking champs in the moped speed world.

Many individuals write TOMOS off as not being fit for SPEED, mostly because the aftermarket support isn’t nearly as strong as it is for Puch and other mopeds. Leaving builders limited when it comes to reaching that top speed! Overall, it is a solid readily available moped that most riders can get their hands on today. Check out my other blog HERE questioning why unique TOMOS mopeds are often if not always overlooked.

Derbi Variant SLE found on Myrons moped

Other mopeds containing a CVT transmission such as Derbi are also a honorable mention. Although die hard moped forum nerds will cast shade so dark you’ll need a headlight just for your keyboard. 0.o Good luck finding a English speaking forum to help you if you run into troubles -.- or you could try ours HERE! The fastest moped is like oil talk… No one really has a complete factual answer, nor will they ever. So the result is everyone talking about their experience on THEIR moped and arguing it’s the fastest. End the argument about which moped is fastest by spaying and neutering your mopeds. :-D

TL;DR - If you want to build the fastest moped French and Italian bikes are your ticket. (Be sure to talk nicely around them. Through my experience with any Italian made vehicle I’m certain they are listening to us..)

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