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Updated: Jan 14

Tires the necessity of the moped world. But which one is best? The time has come to replace your rubber that has degraded into a hard brittle plastic that has been progressively chunking off. Others are seeing your tracks in the dirt and wondering if it’s some sort of message via Morse code. Hunnie,It’s time to upgrade. What are the best options for moped tires in this day and age? Let’s go on a journey and find the best tire for your application!

#1 - Michelin City Pro - These tires are my personal choice. Coming in at a little over double the price of the #4 tire . The Michelin City Pro tires are down right excellent for city abuse and have plenty of grip for being a hooligan around town. Michelin has sent these tires through the wringer, You can be sure what you’re buying is 100% worth the money. Check out these details below about the city pro.

Thanks to MICHELIN OVERLAP TECHNOLOGY (MOT), it is unlikely that these tires will get a puncture. Across 48 motorcycles that had covered a total of 400,000 kms, only 4 punctures* were reported.

*These results are according to the results of product placement by Michelin Siam Co., Ltd. for 48 motorcycle taxis in Bangkok, Thailand, from November 2013 to March 2014. Results may vary depending on the motorcycle and riding conditions Last 10% longer than competitors**

Even more improvement over the MICHELIN M35 tire, a new rubber compound means that the MICHELIN City Pro's useful life is now 10% longer than its main competitor**. Their average lifespan is around 18,000 mi at the front and 12,000 mi at the back.

**A test carried out by Dekra in June, 2013 comparing MICHELIN City Pro tyres to IRC Maxing NR58s, Dunlop D104s and MICHELIN M35s. Back tyres 70/90-17 (MICHELIN City Pro / Dunlop D104) and 2.50-17 (IRC Maxing NR58 / MICHELIN M35).

#2 - Sava MC11 - When Michelin discontinued the production of the “gazelle” in 2018, Moped-ers flocked to a replacement. The Sava takes the #2 spot through moped community hype alone. Some say this is the ONE, others are so butt hurt about the Michelin discontinuation, they have sold their mopeds. I was unable to find the manufacturer of the Sava tire through a quick internet search. It’s rumored they are made in Slovenia for the now bunk Tomos mopeds. Buy up, because you can only imagine these too will start being made of unobtainum.

#3 - Shinko SR704 - The Shinko SR704 coming in at the middle of the road. The OG Shinko SR704 has a neat vintage look, but as Amazon would suggest, those too are moving into extinction to make way for the new styling on the tire listed here.

A solid middle of the road tire with reviews found stating it performs decently in all conditions including dry,wet, and dirt roads. With a tread pattern similar to the Sava MC11 this might be a safer choice, simply because Shinko is a well known and can easily be contacted if you experience any issues with the tire. Tough nylon carcass

4 ply rated DOT approved

L speed rating (75mph), tube type #4 - Kenda K621A - If you’re after that vintage look, the K621A is your ticket. This tire is also the cheapest on our list today. Kenda provides a retro looking tire in a smaller wheel size i.e. Hobbit. I was unable to find these tires in the larger 16”-17” . Unable to find this tire listed on the Kenda website, this is a great candidate for flipping bikes. Cheap and looks vintage.

#5 - vee rubber VRM 325 - This tire is the best moped winter tire for your moped. It has an aggressive tread pattern, with holes already made for tiny studs. Many riders seem to be

using “ice racing” studs which aren’t exactly safe for street use. So I’ve done some research and have actually found the studs for these tires! You’ll need to bring them to a tire shop to have them installed but that’s not a big deal. It is said they require 95 studs per tire, this kit HERE, Should have you covered! ATTENTION - These studs need to be installed before using the tires, or tire shops will NOT install the studs for you (due to tiny rocks breaking their stud gun). These are also great for an aggressive look on your moped, that also has a reliable softer compound for riding on the street. Sure there might be several more tires to choose from, but I think we can all agree most moped tires are headed into extinction. Hopefully this list in (no particular order) will help you in your search for your moped tire!

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