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10 Reasons why a Chinese scooter is better than a Honda Ruckus.

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Honda purist have already rolled their eyes at the title, and the scooter community is saying "dafuq, is this bi*ch thinking." Calm down, calm down, Hear me out! I think we can all agree anything that tops out at 35mph is utilitarian or for entertainment. So why does it matter if it cost 2300 or 600? You're just going to run it into the ground with stop and go traffic, why not beat up on something that feels good to beat up on?

1. Chinese scooters are cheaper. For $650 dollars you can have a scooter that you can hop on and ride. Hell you could buy a second one and still be well under the price of a USED Honda ruckus. It'll do 35 and it'll get you to and from work, whats the difference? 2. Chinese scooters really aren't that fancy. Yeah the plastics break, the headlights are weird bulbous bulbs that you can't find locally, tail light lens might fall out, and random bolts might back out. When you walk out in the parking lot and you find your ruckus on it's side with a scratched up mirror and bent handle bars, you're out for blood! You're calling the cops, you're calling your insurance company to make a claim and you're bummed out your bad ass tough looking scooter has a scratch now. If it was a Chinese scooter you'd just pick up the broken plastic pieces toss them under the seat and you're on your way. With the ruckus you'd be waiting for the cops to show up so you can file a claim, which then might raise your insurance rate,etc....Time = Money.

3. Chinese scooters don't have fuel pumps. Yeah yeah I get it, lower center of gravity, easier to handle, blah blah blah. I personally have replaced 3 ruckus fuel pumps in my small town alone. Failed fuel pumps in the ruckus/metropolitan platform are their biggest down fall. Enter china scoot, gravity fed fuel fed to a easy to access carburetor. End. 4. Chinese scooters are not liquid cooled. It's a 50cc bash around scooter. Why do you need to add 2 more moving parts (pump,thermo) on a vehicle that travels probably on average of 5 miles a day? I'm not proud of it, but I had a cooling fan on my qmb139 engine disintegrate completely, and can remember hearing a noise ignoring it and later smelling melting plastic. I had apparently ran out of fu*ks for 2 weeks, at which point I finally started to notice a slight loss of power. TWO WEEKS, the tolerances were so low, this enclosed engine was able to kept hauling my dumb a$$ around. Try the same on a ruckus, I think we both know the result. Bottom line, less moving parts = more reliable. 5. Parts are significantly cheaper for Chinese scooters. A ruckus carburetor from eBay is 180.00 plus shipping, a gy6/qmb139 carb is 20 dollars shipped. So what happens when you leave your scooter out all winter and go to start it in the spring turns over but no start. It's a lot cheaper to just slap a new carb on with a half hour of labor on a china scoot, your're looking at $60 bucks MAX. Obviously you're not going to go out and buy a new ruckus carb, you're going to pay some one $80-$90 an hour to clean it for you! 6. It's cheaper to make Chinese scooters go faster. It's $70 dollars to your front door for a brand new 70cc top end with a high flow race head will get you 43mph(with stock clutch and gearing)! The closest option for a ruckus is well.....Chinese..A gy6-b 150cc engine swap. Which is $475 before doing the wiring and install. Need I say more? 7. If you decide to ride all winter, you won't feel nearly as bad. If you're riding a scooter in the winter chances are you're trying to save money. Riding a $650 dollar investment through the winter will probably pay for it's self. Not to mention majority of the metal pieces/frame are covered up with plastics, so when the rust starts (you know it will) it won't be nearly as much of an eye sore as if your entire frame was exposed, (*cough* ruckus *cough*) 8. Tires are cheaper. When it comes time to put new shoes on your scoot. China scoot tires are $36 vs the $88 for the wider/beefier tires a ruckus runs. 9. People are less likely to steal a China scoot. Thieves may piss you off and upset you, but there's one thing for sure, they know where the money is. If you leave a Chinese scooter next to a Honda ruckus in the Old North End of Burlington I can guarantee you the Honda will disappear well before the china scoot. Who needs that kind of stress in their life?! 10. Lastly Chinese scooters have storage. Running to the store no sweat, toss your groceries under the seat. Going down town for dinner? Put your helmet under the seat. Parts fall off? Toss em under the seat.You can carry a break down kit, and more. I feel like storage is completely underrated. Don't get me wrong the ruckus still has it's perks, but I feel like the China Scoot is far superior for a bash around town scooter. Let me know how you feel about my opinion, or better yet don't. Hi. My name is Steen, I'm a local motorcycle mechanic/blogger, looking to ruffle the feathers of the scooter/moped scene. I write with a SEMI ironic/satire approach and hope that you can understand that and pass it off with a giggle. Far too many individuals have taken my blogs to heart and love to send hate mail. I'm sure it'll happen anyway but feed em' beans! I hope you enjoyed this ruffling stay tuned for the next one. Steen ;-)


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